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By John Emsley

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ISBN-13: 9780192806734

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What's the mystery of bathe cleaners? How does the damaging explosive nitroglycerin push back center assaults? And what medications, often prescribed for different reasons, are stated to provide the final word orgasm? In vainness, energy, and Virility, award-winning technological know-how author John Emsley bargains a desirable behind-the-scenes account of 30 chemical substances that we use daily to make ourselves extra appealing, to enhance our nutrition and sexual excitement, to kill germs, and to chase away melancholy and different psychological health problems. Emsley appears at universal compounds comparable to alpha-hydroxy acids, nutrition C, chlorine bleach, and Prozac, telling us in the event that they paintings, how they paintings, and the way they have been found. certainly, the publication is filled with worthy info and easy-to-digest technology, and Emsley relates all of it with a gentle contact that delights within the extraordinary truth or fun anecdote. hence we study of the "vitamin C tights" bought in Japan to make your legs extra attractive (they do not paintings) and of the whimsical Hungarian scientist who first remoted nutrition C and desired to identify it "godnose"--because he had no inspiration what the compound used to be. we find that Cleopatra was once correct to bathtub in milk, that is jam-packed with alpha-hydroxy acids. And we examine the unforgettable British researcher who established a robust new drug for male erections at a Las Vegas convention--injecting himself with the compound after which "displaying the implications" to a surprised lecture corridor. As with the much-loved Nature's development Blocks, in John Emsley's fingers, chemistry comes alive. an individual fascinated about the constituents within the items we use, and everybody interested by technology, could be enthralled through this ebook.

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A few years earlier, Mariann Berwick of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York had suggested that there may not be a link between exposure to sunlight and melanoma. She analysed the many epidemiological studies on the supposed relationship between sunblocks and melanoma, and concluded there was little evidence that they protected against it. Nevertheless, sunscreens do prevent the other forms of skin cancer, and they work in different ways, so we should not be surprised that the total sun-care market is now in excess of $i billion per year.

Mono-unsaturated fatty adds In foods Common name No. of carbons Omega labelling Myristoleic acid 14 Omega-5 Omega-7 Palmitoleic acid 16 Oleic acid Omega-9 18 Omega-9 Elaidic acid 18 Erucic acid Omega-9 22 40 VITALITY: FOOD FOR T H O U G H T In the omega notation the carbon atoms are numbered starting at the carbon farthest from the acid group; in other words, the last carbon in the chain (omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet). Thus, oleic acid, which is an omega-9 oil, and the most common, has its double bond between carbons 9 and 10.

In 1998, Reinald Pamplona and colleagues at the University of Lleida, Spain, published 10 Readers should note the close similarity of the words linoleic and linolenic, but these are very different fatty acids. C L A R I F Y I N G THE FATS 43 their researches into the fatty acids in the livers of animals. They found a relationship between the maximum lifespan of an animal and the amount of saturated fatty acid in the cells of its liver. The longer an animal lived, the more saturated were the fatty acids in its flesh.

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