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The actual act of respiring is related to have a truly refined impact at the point of recognition, and accordingly the results of Swara Yoga also are very sophisticated. It goals at without delay awakening the top human strength. In different structures an identical realizing of the swara, the breath is usually expressed. for instance, in Taoism it states that, "if one meditates upon the breath, the cosmic deities or forces could be obvious working the actual physique. via maintaining oneself simply at the breath, instead of on coarse nutrients, one's whole being should be purified and reinforced. Then the attention is ready to ascend to the heavens the place everlasting existence is skilled by means of the physique and soul."

Swara Yoga not just is helping those that think in a perfect truth, but additionally those that would not have religion and who may also be stunned to find many truths concerning this fact. Swara Yoga is a direction which results in overall event and awakening of the whole being.

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3) 47 10 Nadis T he presence of positively and negatively charged particles activating the body and mind enables us to live in this world, but nature's wonders do not stop there. Man has devised a method to split the atom and release nuclear energy. In the same way he can also release a greater quantum of energy within his own being. In ancient days rishis used their knowledge of the principles of nature to boost the pranic energy in order to accelerate the evolution of human consciousness. of producing energy is that one utilizes external sources and the other internal.

This is the dormant or tamasic state of mind. As consciousness and awareness develop, the mind starts to oscillate, to become dynamic or rajasic. Later it becomes completely one-pointed, awakened, and sattwic. By becoming aware of the breath and the flow of prana, you attune the mind to more subtle vibrations. Therefore, swara yoga says first realize the energy potential operating in the body, then realize the potential energy of the mind, and finally realize the inherent consciousness in both.

In the ultimate analysis, however, all the great scientists and seers found that matter is but one state of energy. In another state of manifestation, matter again becomes prana or light. Yoga applies the same principle to the mind. The mind is considered as a form of matter which operates at a higher energy level or rate of vibration. The more the mind is absorbed in the physical world, the grosser it becomes and the less the consciousness or awareness can function. This is the dormant or tamasic state of mind.

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