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By Zaine Ridling

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42 Could it perhaps be trying to travel there? It sounds promising at first, but when questions are asked the promise thins out. How does one try to do something like that? What sorts of moves are involved in this practice? I can make sense of trying to travel to Paris because I know what it is to travel there, but what sense can I make of trying to do the impossible? So the conjecture naturally arises that, contra the appearances and my own “internal reports,” I am really doing something else: escaping my responsibilities, getting away from unpleasant company, or finding a silly excuse to exercise.

But we are far from being in such a position. Work in logic just is, to a large extent, a struggle with the logical defects of language, and yet language remains for us an indispensable tool. Only after our logical work has been completed shall we possess a more perfect instrument. (1915, 252) Until that time, the logician, “[i]nstead of following grammar blindly, . . ought rather to see his task as that of freeing us from the fetters of language” (1897b, 143). , 149). ” See Frege (1969, 160-61).

It’s not so much that language subjects our thought to strictures from which logic is to liberate us but, rather, that language is too free and needs some regimenting if any serious work is to be done with it. A characteristic feature of colloquial language (in contrast to various scientific languages) is its universality. ” (164) And this universality is a problem. ). ). 34 Ridling: Anselm and the Logic of Illusion But if Tarski’s metaphors are different from Frege’s, the message conveyed is essentially the same: the problem of (colloquial) language may be one of richness, there may be too much potential there for our (and its own) good, but in practice we end up with the same sort of embarrassment.

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