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By Charles Stansfeld Jones (Frater Achad)

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A variety from the Preface:
Although the identify of this [book] could appear, to a few who've now not learn its contents, to be either presumptuous and unwarrantable, it's was hoping that those will reserve their judgment until eventually they've got given due awareness and attention to the learn of such an enormous subject.
We live in unusual occasions. Civilization turns out speedily to be breaking apart, whereas but a few internal urge is at paintings in the direction of a greater and extra balanced building in may perhaps departments of life.
One of the result of the good warfare has been to show the minds of many folks from a number of the narrower conceptions of lifestyles into wider channels. A spirit of enquiry has turn into obvious at the a part of those that had formerly been content material to simply accept statements in regard to life's deeper concerns on mere trust or rumour. Many new pursuits have arisen less than the information of people that have acquired a minimum of a partial glimpse of man's wider history, and there was a corresponding falling clear of what will be termed the orthodox or establishment of items within the church buildings and in different places. many nations were making experiments of varied forms, so much of which, notwithstanding, being the end result of "reform routine" of the narrowest type, are fast proving themselves to be unsatisfactory and insufficient. at the present, amid a majority of these symptoms, there turns out to were no whole answer in sight, and, so it may possibly look, little or no comprehension, even at the a part of those who find themselves truthfully doing their top less than the situations, of the underlying rules concerned. those that may still rather be capable of aid, are not able to take action successfully for a similar reason.
It could appear a miles cry from the current international- stipulations of a social and political nature to the Holy Qabalah, yet aid occasionally comes from really unforeseen sources.
The Jews, and the Jewish challenge, characterize extremely important facets of the trouble and its answer. a superb share of the wealth of the area is this day within the arms of the Jews, but as a country they've got no position. because the "chosen humans" they have been a massive country, however the rejection of the trainer in who they anticipated to discover their Messiah, is mostly thought of to were the reason for their turning into wanderers upon the face of the Earth. but the notice "Jew" is derived from IU, the Ever-Coming Son, the Horus of the earliest Egyptian traditions, whose impression isn't restricted to the Christian period yet extends to every age, and of Whom all really average God-Men, resembling Jesus, were, and are, the representatives upon earth.
But the Jews have missed the research in their personal "Chokmah Nestorah," or mystery knowledge culture, as transmitted within the Holy Qabalah, therefore wasting sight in their real Will as a kingdom and their crucial objective within the nice artistic Plan. It has remained for the Gentile to rediscover a few of the deeper mysteries of this historic knowledge, and those are came across to be an analogous in essence as these of Catholicism, Freemasonry, Pythagorean Philosophy, Hermeticism, etc; in reality there has continually been a common culture which whilst recognized has led the international locations to the peak of civilization, and whilst misplaced has heralded their decline and downfall.
The current world-crisis and breaking apart of civilization is because of the need of a basic "clean-up" preparatory to a much wider and grander perception being awarded to humanity than has been attainable for plenty of hundreds of thousands of years. All pondering humans discover that issues are in a serious situation, and all may be ready to know any moderate chance of acquiring an answer in order to be of everlasting, instead of of transitority value.
Things can't be positioned correct with out attempt, and the query arises: "In what course is attempt such a lot necessary?"

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Non reaction is not weakness but strength.  You look through the ego to the sanity that is in every human being as his or her essence.  And the egos greatest enemy of all is, of course, the present moment, which is to say, life itself. Complaining is not to be confused with informing someone of a mistake or deficiency so that it can be put right.  There is no ego in telling the waiter that your soup is cold and needs to be heated up – if you stick to the facts, which are always neutral.  There is a “me” here that loves to feel personally offended by the cold soup and is going to make the most of it, a “me” that enjoys making someone wrong.

In fact, this new ego will be more contracted, more rigid and impenetrable than the old one. Whenever tragic loss occurs, you either resist or you yield.  Resistance is an inner contraction, a hardening of the shell of the ego. You are closed.  If action is possible or necessary, your action will be in alignment with the whole and supported by creative intelligence, the unconditioned consciousness which in a state of inner openness you become one with.  You rest in God.  We call it egoic because there is a sense of self, of I (ego), in every thought – every memory, every interpretation, opinion, viewpoint, reaction, emotion.

It is that sense of superiority the ego craves and through which it enhances itself.  If you are simply stating what you know to be true, the ego is not involved at all, because there is no identification. Identification with what? With mind and a mental position. Such identification, however, can easily creep in.  The “I” feels diminished or offended because somebody doesn't believe what “I” said. Ego takes everything personally.  Furthermore, it cannot tell the differences between an event and its reaction to that event.

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