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Neutrosophy is a brand new department of philosophy, brought through Dr. Florentin Smarandache in 1995, which reviews the foundation, nature, and scope of neutralities, in addition to their interactions with various ideational spectra. Neutrosophic good judgment is a basic framework for unification of many latest logics. the most notion of NL is to signify every one logical assertion in a 3D Neutrosophic area, the place every one size of the distance represents respectively the reality (T), the falsehood (F), and the indeterminacy (I) of the assertion into account, the place T, I, F are common or non-standard genuine subsets of ]-0, 1+[. Neutrosophic Set. allow U be a universe of discourse, and M a collection incorporated in U. a component x from U is famous with appreciate to the set M as x(T, I, F) and belongs to M within the following method: it truly is t% precise within the set, i% indeterminate (unknown whether it is) within the set, and f% fake, the place t varies in T, i varies in I, f varies in F. Statically T, I, F are subsets, yet dynamically T, I, F are functions/operators counting on many recognized or unknown parameters. Neutrosophic chance is a generalization of the classical chance and obscure chance during which the opportunity that an occasion A happens is t% real - the place t varies within the subset T, i% indeterminate - the place i varies within the subset I, and f% fake - the place f varies within the subset F. In classical chance n_sup In obscure likelihood: the chance of an occasion is a subset T of [0, 1], now not a host p in [0, 1], what’s left is meant to be the other, subset F (also from the unit period [0, 1]); there isn't any indeterminate subset I in vague likelihood. Neutrosophic facts is the research of occasions defined through the neutrosophic chance. The functionality that types the neutrosophic likelihood of a random variable x is termed neutrosophic distribution: NP(x) = ( T(x), I(x), F(x) ), the place T(x) represents the likelihood that price x happens, F(x) represents the likelihood that price x doesn't happen, and I(x) represents the indeterminant / unknown chance of worth x.

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What about Devil? Therefore, a tetranitarism? But Angels? Thus, plurinitarism? It is necessary to introduce a measurement for the ideas' field. Let's denote by "IDON" [Latin < idoneus, (cap)able of] the smallest unit to measure an idea. The idon-ical measurement is directly proportional with the following characteristics of an 43 idea: - novelty - quality - originality - density - continuity - brightness - quantity - analysis - synthesis - truth-value, and inversely proportional with: - vagueness - discontinuity - triviality - falsity-value.

Even the exact mathematics. This is a DHARMA for neutrosophy. Art is a God for our soul. "Men will always be what women chose to make them" (J. J. Rousseau). Consequently, men will be what they maybe don't want to be! Learning we become worst (civilization paradox): further of ourselves. Rousseau attacked the arts, literature on account of corrupting the ethics and replacing the religion. By modern fashions we don't differentiate each other, but conform in speech, cloths, and attitudes; and we appear what we are not!

Any creed delivers an anti-creed. is also a creed, isn't it? How to release the pain from the pain? But the soul from the soul, and the body from the body? I want to be a measurer of the truth, to renounce to renunciation and get inspired by the myths' charm. Philosophy-poetry: an inspired non-inspiration a voluntary involuntariness We need to artistically express the inexpressible. And catch the non-artistic in an artistic form. Atheism's role in faith's development. Schleiermacher nominates by "God" the existence we relate on, going up to a religion without a personal God.

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