New PDF release: A Classical Introduction to Cryptography Exercise Book

By Thomas Baigneres, Pascal Junod, Yi Lu, Jean Monnerat, Serge Vaudenay

ISBN-10: 0387279342

ISBN-13: 9780387279343

ISBN-10: 038728835X

ISBN-13: 9780387288352

This better half workout and resolution booklet to A Classical creation to Cryptography: functions for Communications defense incorporates a rigorously revised model of educating fabric utilized by the authors and given as examinations to advanced-level scholars of the Cryptography and defense Lecture at EPFL from 2000 to mid-2005. A Classical creation to Cryptography workout Book covers a majority of the topics that make up trendy cryptology, together with symmetric or public-key cryptography, cryptographic protocols, layout, cryptanalysis, and implementation of cryptosystems. workouts don't require an intensive historical past in arithmetic, because the most crucial notions are brought and mentioned in lots of of the routines. The authors count on the readers to be happy with simple proof of discrete likelihood idea, discrete arithmetic, calculus, algebra, and computing device technological know-how. Following the version of A Classical advent to Cryptography: purposes for Communications defense, routines concerning the extra complex components of the textbook are marked with a celebrity.

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Therefore, from a known plaintext attack with only one known message, we can recover the key stream and decrypt any new ciphertext (of the same length or shorter). 2 The CFB mode is stronger against this issue, except for the first block. The first encrypted block is equal to the first plaintext block XORed with a value generated from IV and from the key only. The next values in the sequence depend on the plaintext. Similarly, note that if two plaintexts are equal on their first n blocks, the knowledge of one of the plaintexts allows to recover the ( n + 1)th block of the other plaintext.

When c0 # 0, exactly two LFSRs are shifted. As the two new values of the clocking taps are uniformly distributed and independent random values, then we have no information whatsoever about the next majority value and hence, neither about cl. Therefore, ~ EXERCISE BOOK We conclude that, for all c, c' E {O,1, 2,3), which corresponds to a uniform distribution. 5 We consider the variant of A5/1. We first note that in this case, either exactly one LFSR is clocked (when its clocking tap is different from the two others) or no LFSR is clocked at all (when all three clocking taps are equal).

2 (a) A naive exhaustive search for a two-key 3DES has a worst-case complexity of 3 2112 DES evaluations and an average complexity of 3 - 2''' DES evaluations. (b) The attack is given in Algorithm 5. It focuses on the case where the result after the first encryption stage is the all-zero vector, denoted by 0. Note that in the algorithm, and thus, B ~ =, DES;;: (0) = PK2. Consequently, the two keys kl, k2 found in line 10 in the algorithm (such that Bk, = Pk2) are indeed a candidate solution pair.

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