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By Sammy Franco

ISBN-10: 0873648870

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This exhaustive choice of streetfighting secrets and techniques covers each element of writer Sammy Franco's eclectic, no-nonsense method of self-defense, from education and conditioning, the attributes of wrestle, and strategies and methods to really expert parts comparable to grappling, stick combating, knives and firearms.

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Patients with ver­ tigo , lassitude , aching and weakness in the loins and knees , sperma­ torrea , tinnitus , as well as cold limbs may practise the Exercise of Reinforcing Yang and Strengthening the Kidney in addition to the basic exercise. 39 0 ) The Exercise of Nourishing Yin and Replenishing the Kidney (Zi Yin Bu Shen Gong). Take the sitting or lying-supine posture with the respiration calm , the whole body relaxed , the eyes closed and the tongue against the palate. Put the left palm gently on Guanyuan (Ren 4) and overlap the right palm on the left.

Patients with attack of asthma and thin , whitish and frothy sputum may practise the Exercise of Strengthening Qi and Invigora­ ting Yang in addition to the basic exercise. The Exercise of Strengthening Qi and Invigorating Yang : Take a 24 standing posture and a "Zi Wu Jue" hand gesture (Fig. 1 6 ). The whole body should be laxed, distractions re­ expelled, eyes closed slightly and mind concentrated on the Lower Dan­ tian. The beginners of Qigong exercises should exercise natural Fi g. 16 respiration first and should get the breathing even, light and slow gradually, and at the same time concentrate the mind on the Lower Dantian.

3 ) Protruding Palms and Guiding Qi. Proceed from the last stance. Turn the fists into palms facing upward . lift the palms forward and upward until Fi g. 17 the arms become straightened ( Fig. 1 8 ) . Simultaneously . guide . with will . Qi of the Three Yin Channels of Foot up to the chest . and then flow through the upper limbs to Inner Laogong (P 8 ) along the Three Yin Channels of Hand. Then . pull back the hands naturally in front of the chest . guide Qi of the Three Yin Channels of Hand to flow from Inner Laogong ( P 8 ) to Outer Laogong (P 8 ) .

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